Today, the first episode of a four-part series, called “Denver Tourism Tapes” aired online and made a weird splash. To some it was pure counterculture, hipster genius; to others it was too awkward to even finish.

Which, if you ask us, is a sign of very good art. Or, at least strange art — which is an equally admirable achievement. 

Denver Tourism Tapes follows a trio of teens as they navigate the odd waters of young life in a big city. Episode 1, Recreation, is an exploration of some of the most popular activities that Denver has to offer, from skateboarding to biking, dancing and even touches on some really useful tips for staying cool on hot days.

Is it funny?

Well, yes… In a very Napoleon Dynamite kind of way — dry, awkward humor, shot with a grainy 90’s-style filter, and in a style that seems to pull from Portlandia, Tim and Eric, other similarly hip, indy shows. It’s artsy and it will definitely draw a few chuckles out of you.  

Or it won’t, and that’s okay too. The comments under the Reddit post, announcing the premiere of this show, contained some very mixed reviews. One comment would praise the comedians for their totally unique and wholly bizarre style of filmmaking, and humor. The next would be a cold and brutal disembowelment. Some people loved it — the others just didn’t understand it.