America is full of crazy people. But, there’s something magical about finding a dyed-in-the-wool, authentic madman, living hard and fast on the edge, chain smoking on the fringes of society, and testing the thresholds of insane bullshit. It’s like finding a unicorn — one that’s come completely unhinged.

Fedsmoker such a unicorn. This retired CI double-agent spends his days lurking around Durango, taking cops badges, investigating suspicious government facilities, illegally pulling over CDOT employees for speeding, impersonating cops and living out of a retired patrol car, turned hoarder-apartment.

Or, at least he used to do spend his time doing all that. Sadly, this rare specimen, this legend, was found dead in Arizona earlier this year.

Thankfully though, he left us a trove of material. This guy filmed most of his life, which, normally is an annoying and self-aggrandizing habit to have, but in the case of Fedsmoker, it’s something we should all be grateful for. Becausem, this sonofabitch lived a crazyyyy life. Every waking moment, every conversation and interaction he had was a WTF moment.\

He lived his life like gnashing teeth. Which comes through all his videos. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Here we have the time he decided he needed to accost a Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) employee for “speeding.” A video that ends in a fantastic display of dickery and madness.

Or, perhaps the time he tried investigating a government building (or was he asking for a job?), and instead ended up giving the security guard his iconic “Baby Raper” stamp.

Or the traffic stop where he entertains the police officers who pulled him over, by regaling them with stories of all the cops he’s gotten fired over the years.

Or how about that time he tried calling the police chief in Nebraska, about a crime he was, himself investigating and trying to solve.

Yes, there’s something special about every single one of this man’s Youtube uploads. It’s a gold mine. And now, thanks to the magic of technology and the wonders of the internet, you can learn all about the degenerate lifestyle and how to live it, from the man, the myth, the legend, Fedsmoker (aka Conald Peterson) himself. He’s got a new masterclass online and it’s bound to be one hell of a rush…

Sit back, relax and get ready to feather it brother…