Would you react to a mewing kitten like it was the horrifying reincarnation of death itself? This girl would.

There's a reason why manatees are called 'sea cows' and it's not because they have six rows of razor sharp teeth they're just waiting to sink into your delicate flesh; it's because their only function is to look fat and approachable and graze on water plants. They have no other agenda other than spending most of their day sleeping and examining objects, other than to come up for air and look fucking adorable every now and then. In fact, a manatee is the least of your worries if you're a group of girls swimming in a Florida bay.

You really couldn't create a gentler, less threatening creature … which is why the reaction this girl has to one that's in the water near her is literally the greatest thing we've ever seen. She reacts to the sleepy sea cow as if it were two thousand Ted Bundy's murdering her entire extended family before her eyes and we really can't do anything but clean up the coffee we spit out laughing on our computer.

Enjoy this completely unreasonable reaction!