Wanna set the mood this holiday season? Great, here you go.

Wanna set the mood this holiday season? Great, well, we found you just the right video to do it, but a warning: it's not your grandpa’s classic Two-Hour ‘Real Fire’ Holiday ambience video.

Nick Offerman, everyone’s favorite steak-loving hypersexual grump from ‘Parks and Recreation,’ is here to keep us all company through the holiday season with this unnerving, yet pretty chill video of him staring at you silently for 45 minutes while drinking Lagavulin Scotch by a yule log. 

It's s a little light on conversation, actually, there isn’t any, but throw this baby up on the living room T.V. as the first snowflakes of Kwanzaa begin to fall and know that with Nick, you’re technically not drinking alone.

Sometimes he nods subtly with affirmation as to say he's in this with you (you've got a friend in this cold, dark world),and sometimes he seems to have fallen asleep with his eyes open, but it's okay because his eyes are kind.