Goddamn I’m going to sound like a grandpa saying this — but have you ever listened to someone from Gen Z speak and think to yourself: what in the sweet holy motherfuck are they saying?

You aren’t alone. The slang, jive and lingo of this rising generation is uhh… well, something else. Simple millennial phrases like “Aight. I’m trying to head out” have become almost indistinguishable, devolving into “I’m finna dipset.”

What does it mean? Finna what? Dipset? Get the fuck out of here.

What was ‘hip’ is now drippin; what was ‘serious,’ is now cap; ‘horny’ is thirsty; ‘curvy’ is plump; and jams that used to be bangers, have become slappers instead.

It’s complicated, I know. The lexicon is changing out there and it’s morphing faster than most of us can keep up with.

Luckily, we’ve got linguists like Carll from Sunday Cool Tees out there doing the good work. He is translating this newspeak into terms we can all understand.

Check out this video, where we hear from Carll’s little cousin Brock who spills the tea and flexes on all of us with his lit vocab and snatched yeet shirt. If you don’t come out the other side sounding extra, you might be a lost cause.