All this over a refund?

Let's get this out there first: It sucks being a customer. Because of their wealth and overall leverage of any business transaction, companies generally get their way regardless. Each and every one of us have felt the sharp sting of being screwed from large corporations, and many of us want to just destroy everything in our path to feel better about it — but don't, because that's not how life works. 

Except in this video. An unknown man was apparently frustrated with not getting the refund he demanded so he took a heavy metal ball (because he was carrying it in his bag for some reason?) and smashed the bejesus out of everything he could find in the Apple store. 

According to The Daily Dot, what the man is saying translates roughly to: "“Apple is a company that 'violated' European consumers' rights. They refused to reimburse me, I told them: 'Give me my money back'. They said no. So you know what's happening? This is happening!"

Can't say we blame him …