Oh, Japanese TV. You never cease to amaze.

Alright, we concede that this video blew up a few months ago, but it's new to us, and we felt we had to share it with you to quell our rising internal craving for social validation.

Here's a quick rundown of what you'll be viewing today.

A bunch of old college buddies from Japan decided to strip down to their foreskins on the nationally-televised "Monday Night Late Show" to relieve an activity they used to do in their salad days: sliding butt-ass naked around the rim of a giant aluminum bathtub in their dorm, because sometimes you've just got to let lose and get naked with the boys. Good for them.

However, this heartwarming tale of homoerotic bathtime play between old Asian men takes a tragic turn when none of the men can actually slide around the perimeter of the tub like they used to. 

Only one member of the old crew named "Fat" could reclaim his squad's lost glory, and his graceful turn around the bathtub rim elicits a tear-jerking combination of athletic prowess and victory over old age.

To reward him for this feat his cronies reward him how you'd expect a group of naked Japanese octogenarians to do: with a gleeful dance of jiggling dicks and hugs.

Please watch:


Oh, Japan. You never cease to amaze.