As he puts it: "Make sure them ribs is right." AMEN.

Over the long weekend, many of us began the sad farewell to summer with a few day brews and some homemade bar-b-q. 

Meanwhile, recent Internet sensation Robert Wright was out making headlines after he allegedly saved his family from a burning building, and then rushed back into the infernos to save his beloved bar-b-q ribs, which were stuck inside. On three-day weekends, there’s a little Robert Wright in us all.

Naturally, his antics were immediately newsworthy and he was interviewed by a local news team, holding the entire rack of aforementioned ribs on a skewer the whole time.

Direct quote: "I thought about my kids … then I thought about my ribs, man."

Consequently, as what happens with most viral news stories, some Internet genius added a beat to his interview and made a hip-hop remix out of it all: