… forget the social commentary for a moment — let's all turn up for America this weekend!

Understandably, cloud-headed white people in America have gotten a pretty bad rap these past couple of years. There’s the whole historical legacy thing, wearing offensive clothing debacles and having just a general lack of understanding about what’s going on all around the country. It’s nobody’s fault, but at least we’re moving towards some understanding of one another to not let things get aggressive and violently out of hand, right?

*cricket chirps*

ANYWAYS — fuck all of that for the next 4 days, because everyone in America deserves to drop the gauntlets for a long weekend and celebrate everything that makes us good still. Per this video of how Mexicans would look if they acted like white people on Cinco De Mayo — celebrating the 4th is apparently hot dogs, not knowing shit about history, shotgunning Budweisers and slathering ketchup on every-damned-thing …

… and it couldn’t be any more accurate.

As a wise and great American film once proclaimed: “America … fuck yeah …”