Due process?! DO WHEELIES.

We've been told what to do in a DUI situation like fifty times, but it's easy to forget the legal advice your lawyer cousin gave you when you're both on your 16th beer at the strip club that has what Yelp considers the "second best burgers in town!"

Thankfully, there is one lawyer who refuses to be forgotten or unheard.

His name? Glad you asked. It's BRYAN WILSON, THE TEXAS LAW HAWK.

No, not Brian Wilson of infamous surf rock band The Beach Boys. BRYAN WILSON. THE TEXAS LAW HAWK.

Legal advice is hard to forget when it's being blasted at you from his hulking vocal cords of the world's most theatrical lawyer … especially when he's this good at wheelies. So, whenever we need advice or someone to shout to the point of burst blood vessels at us like Stepdad Terry used to, we go to him.

He's got several sage instructional videos that showcase both his ability to scream and his legal prowess, but our personal go-to is "Bryan Wilson the Texas Law Hawk: Commercial 3" in which Bryan Wilson the Texas Law Hawk addresses what to do when you're faced with a breathalyzer, blood test or field sobriety test after you've been pulled over.

His advice? Basically, shut the fuck up and call him.