What in the holy hell?

It's coming up on festival season, and while we're 100 percent sure that most of our readers aren't complete asshats like the people in the above clip — we also know those types of people exist, so let this video be a warning to everyone before the madness begins to keep care of everyone around you. A few days ago, at the Good Life Festival in Perth, Australia, a mob of camera phones captured a scuffle between security and a fence-jumping coward. Out of nowhere some other d-bag boots the guard in his head, leaving him helpless and unconscious. Looking at the video we're not sure what's worse, the two dipshits involved or everyone else standing around like they couldn't be more in control of the situation.

According to multiple online sources and news outlets in the immediate area, the dude has been arrested and will be charged with assault. As for the rest of the people, the fuck you standing around for?

Let's not let this kind of shit happen this coming festival season. We're all better than this …