The internet never fails to surprise and delight in the many treasures it hides.

Case and point: This incredible gem of a video that aired at the 2000 NYC Mayor’s Inner Circle Press Roast. In it, then mayor (now presidential lawyer) Rudy Giuliani appears in a striking drag outfit, complete with big bouncing breasts, a grandmotherly dress and make-up that would make Gwen Stefani look under-done.

But that’s not even the weirdest it gets — no by a long shot.

Because, shortly after Giuliani appears in his spectacular outfit, we see none other than #45 himself: now-President Donald Trump. Who, seems to be very excited to see Ms. Giuliani strutting his way.

Together they sample a few perfumes, and in classic Donny Trump style, he gets a little too close for comfort. Shamelessly, the tycoon (who looks notably much younger in this video, than he does today) buries his face in Ms. Giuliani’s breasts, and motorboats them like he’s a grand prix powerboat champion.

Ms. Giulianni (who seems to be deep into character at this point) recoils from the unsolicited approach. Instinctively, she slaps Donny and pushes him away indignantly.   

Surprisingly, Trump didn’t grab her by the pussy (although that would have made for some very interesting television), but he certainly made her uncomfortable with the unsolicited non-consensual face-to-tit contact. (Hell, that made me uncomfortable.) Clearly, that’s just Donny’s style, and it always has been. None of us should really be surprised.

It’s one of the most truly revolting clips I have ever seen in my twenty-eight years on this planet, and I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to unsee it. (So, proceed with caution.)

In 2000, no one could have possibly imagined just how relevant and insane this clip would be twenty years later. It has aged like cottage cheese — but I can’t stop eating it up.

Recently Giuliani made headlines, for having called the NYC police department to remove Sacha Baron Cohen from his hotel room. The borat star was dressed in what Giuliani referred to as a "Pink transgender outfit" adding, "It was a pink bikini with lace underneath a translucent mesh top. It looked absurd. He had the beard, bare legs and wasn’t what I would call distractingly attractive.”

Unlike Giuliani's drag appearance, which we can all agree is undoubtedly "distractingly attractive."


… what fucking timeline is this again?