It's "The Shining" plus chicken, why haven't you clicked on this yet?

Ever since we could remember, we've been DYING to know what "The Shining" would have been like if it took place in a chicken restaurant called Charbay's Chicken Resort.

And today, we finally have our answer in "The Chickening," the short film that combines Stanley Kubrick's magnum opus with a bunch of chicken, but like, really nicely.

This hunk of cinematic gold is so epic that it's been making the rounds at film festivals for the past few months including Fantastic Fest and most notably, Sundance. In it, Scatman Crothers is reimagined as an alien thing, the REDRUM kid has a talking index finger sidekick and the barkeep has the Mike Tyson face tattoo and serves up fried chicken and special volcano sauce instead of booze. No idea.

Creators Nick DenBoer and Davy Force had this to say about their uh whatever the fuck this is: “The Chickening is the first of its kind in remixed, augmented cinema. It is a theatrical trailer for a fictional film in which Stanley Kubrick’s classic film The Shining has been artfully transformed into a new, poultry-infused comedy adventure by digitally altering the film to create a new narrative. This new style of filmmaking is a hilarious collision of classic films with modern day visual effects; “Cinegraffiti”—the ultimate neo-nostalgic visual feast for this digital age.”

That's a really eloquent way of saying "Watch this fucking chicken Shining."

Here it is …