What happens when bored river rats and antsy ski bums get together and start brainstorming?

Magic. Pure, unfiltered genius. Perfection.

No one really knows who was the first person to take their kayak out on the snowy slopes of a ski hill, but when they did, they created something totally new — a winter sport that had never existed before that moment: Snow Kayaking.

It seems like one of those ideas that might only partially work. On its surface, it sounds great. But would a snow kayaker actually be able to get enough speed to move down the mountain? Could they control themselves? Would it be too dangerous?!

The answer to all of those questions turned out to be resounding YES.

As you can see in this totally rad Warren Miller video below, not only do snow kayakers get enough speed to move, not only can they control their boats, but they absolutely rip it up! They tear their way down the mountain, sending it off jumps, butter switching their boats like fidget spinners, bouncing and kicking off of berms and bumps as they fly downhill. It’s insane and it looks like a ton of fun.

However, this would not be a fun sport without a foot or more of champagne powder. Sure, you could get speed on packed snow or a groomed run — but if you roll, it’s going to quickly turn into a shit-show. Just imagine tomahawking down the mountain in a fucking kayak, without powder to break your fall or slow you down…

That’s a death trap. But — then, neither skiing nor kayaking are much safer on their own. So, what’s stopping you? Get that kayak out of storage and get ready to boat the mountain.