Nope, nope, nope … NOOOOPE!

Nope, nope, nope … NOOOOPE!

Pro surfer and dreamboat extraordinaire, Mick Fanning, had an unnerving encounter with one of the world’s biggest assholes a few days ago when he was competing for the top spot in the JBay Open in South Africa. As shown in this clip: While Fanning waits to shred the gnarliest of the gnar he's visteded by an unwelcome guest. Noticing the overgrown fish, he does what any other badass would — Fanning pops the shark in his dumb head and reclaims man’s position at the tippy top of the food chain.

"It's the worst thing I've ever seen happen to any of my family because it was just there in front of me," Fanning’s mother tells the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She’d lost a son to an automobile accident 17 years back, and explains the outright horror she felt watching the possibility of losing another unfold on live TV.

"When Sean was killed in the car accident, I didn't see it,” she says. “I saw this just in front of me. It was just terrible."

All jokes aside, this is an insane video and we’re glad everyone involved is ok, mom's relieved and Fanning lives to ride another day …

On a related note, it just seems like sharks aren’t happy with humans right now — best to stay as far away from the ocean as possible … and also out of Colorado. Stay out of Colorado, we definitely have sharks here too, it’s dangerous …