You ever see one of those commercials on late night television that just seems so fucking hokey, it has to be fake? An ad that is so ridiculously over the top, it looks like a joke, like some kind of rude satirical jab at itself — one of those edits made with cheap software, stock photos, stock actors and an over-the-top voice actor —  like Charlie and Mac’s Fight Milk commercial.

Well, this advertisement for the “Trumpy Bear” is exactly one of those. Except this one is not fake. It’s not a joke. It’s an actual commercial for an actual product that’s actually just as dumb as it looks.

For just two payments of $19.95 (that’s right, two) this Trump-esque perversion of Teddy Roosevelt’s Teddy bear can yours! It even comes with a certified certificate of authenticity, so you know you’re getting the real deal.


It’s latest and greatest in horseshit advertising. And the product? Well, just watch the commercial. I don’t even want to try and explain it.