"You don't know who the fuck you're messing with right now," she says. … *eye roll*

We all have bad nights, but most of the time the lot of us can skirt under the radar and only deal with a few awkward texts the next morning, apologizing for spilling Rumple all over a homie's new kicks, or something, But for Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident employed by Jackson Health System in Miami, her belligerent behavior is going viral — for good reason.

In the clip, Ramkissoon is seen trying to catch a wrong UBER, then flying off the handle because the driver won't hook her up with a ride. Instead of calling another cab or just walking away, she balls out of control in his vehicle and tosses his shit all over the street — even hitting one bystander with a pair of scissors. According to YouTube user Juan Cinco, who uploaded the film, "Once in handcuffs, she then tried kicking some of the police officers on the scene. It was only when they put her in the police car that she started crying, apologizing, and claiming that she would lose her medical license (she claimed to be a neurologist) if she got arrested.

"The Uber driver was too good of a person and decided to take a cash settlement instead of pressing charges," he continues. "In his words, '…she was crying (and) said (she) was sorry for everything.' I don't want to disclose the amount the driver was paid, but can say he could only use the money to pay his cellphone bill and maybeee his cable bill.

According to her place of employment, however, Ramkissoon lost her job and will likely face severe punishment down the road because of her one bad night. And of course, Internet trolls are going off on her in the only way they know how. Public shame. Bummer.