Tik Tok is a strange thing, that will take you to some strange places. The video sharing app is more often than not used to make dance videos and funny clips, but recently people have started using it and another app called Randonautica, to play a futuristic reality adventure game.

Which recently led a few unlucky teenagers directly to a dismembered body packed up neatly in a black roller suitcase.

Randonautica, for the uninitiated, is the world’s first “quantumly generated choose your own adventure reality game.” Essentially, it uses a random number generator to come up with a random location based on your whereabouts, which users are then supposed to go and visit. It gets people out and about, it gets them exploring and exposes them to places they’ve never been.

It’s become something of a big thing on Tik Tok, as many “Randonauts” (as they call themselves) post videos of their adventures with the hashtag #randonaut. It’s a sensation that has sent more than one user on some very interesting adventures.

Not least of which, ended in the discovery of a human corpse packed into a suitcase.

It was a warm and sunny day in Seattle, when these teens decided to go out for a little Randonauting escapade. The app did its thing, generated a random location and sent the teens on their way. When they arrived, they were at a pier by the ocean, and right there, washed up on the rocks was a black bag — the roller kind you see all over airports.

Fanaticizing that there might be a few million dollars randomly packed into it, the teens decided to investigate. They climbed down the rocks to the suitcase and, using a stick, they unzipped the bag and flipped the lid.

The smell was overwhelming, as soon as the suitcase was opened, according to the teens’ Tik Tok video. Inside the bag, were a number of black trash bags, packed tightly against one another containing…. Well, they weren’t sure yet.

Realizing that they may have just stumbled onto a crime-scene, the teens called the police. They told them they had just found a dead body in a suitcase. Which, one would imagine, might mobilize the police pretty quickly.

However, it didn’t. The police took three fucking hours to arrive at the scene, by which time, the teens had watched the tide come in and start to wash the suitcase away. They said that several body parts fell out as this happened, and the police had to bring in a dive team to retrieve them (when they finally arrived).

Was this an accident of random bad luck? Or, were these teens led to the bag by more sinister means? Was this an accident? Or did someone want those teenagers to find the body?

And why did it take the police so long to respond to such a disturbing 911 call? …

Regardless of the answers to those questions, this is a pretty messed up situation. No one ever wants to find a dead human chopped up and bagged in a suitcase. (And certainly, no one ever wants to be that dead human.) The teenagers in this situation did the right thingl; they handled it well, and hopefully they aren’t too traumatized by having made such a grim discovery.

Some of the videos have been removed from Tik Tok (you can still watch them, though, in these Reddit posts). However, this video, which was filmed by the same group of teens, from a different angle, shows most of what happened.


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