Not that we can blame her. Actually, yeah, we totally can and will blame her …

It started out like any other surveillance camera video; capturing the movements of pedestrians on the street at night.

We see a woman with the drunk waddles drunk waddle herself out of the nearest pizza-dispensing restaurant, ready for an evening stroll with triangular cheese bread in hand. 

Just when she's about to take a bite of her hard-earned carb-o-load, whaddya know: an out-of-control vehicle comes out of nowhere and runs over a pedestrian. Pretty much the antithesis of plowing through a piece of pizza.

Now, most of us in this situation would react by running over to see if the pedestrian was okay, whipping out our Razrs and calling an ambulance, or attempting to perform CPR. 

Drunk pizza lady, however, is not impressed by the carnage. Drunk pizza lady want PIZZA NOW. 

She turns her head apathetically to survey the situation and–without too much deliberation–chooses to simply walk away (za in-hand) leaving the dirty work and basic citizenship to someone seemingly less busy, proving once and for all that the burning desire for pizza is greater than the one to perpetuate human life. America?