Escape from the daily stresses of life, work and clothing and retreat to the comfy confines of Colorado's family-friendly nudist resort, Mountain Air Ranch. As the mountain air rushes through your every crack and crevice, bask in the warm Colorado sun mingling with the other sexy beasts flaunting their God-given assets.

Going through life in a clothed environment can be difficult. Mountain Air Ranch understands that and is here to lend a helping hand. Sure, 90 percent of nudist colonies are unattractive individuals who retreat to such a community because no one ever wants to see them naked, but that shouldn't stop you from becoming the bell of the ball in what should be an experience of a life time. Sure, you'll need extreme therapy following such an excursion to this exotic destination, but that doesn't mean you won't make a new friend or stalker. 

In celebration of National Nudist Weekend, Mountain Air Ranch is hosting a open house for anyone looking to shred their clothes and let themselves be out there. When was the last time you went for a nude hike or swim? We thought so.

Minutes outside of Denver, your destiny awaits you. And by destiny we mean two naked old people named Harold and Matilda.