The selfie is a magnificent thing. It's a chance to take as many photos of yourself until you get the perfect one which you can then post to any social outlet you want. So in honor of Anthony Weiner showing his wiener, we found some of the best selfies people have to offer. 

And to kick it off, we have Mr. Weiner.

1. Weiner's taking a wiener pic. Priceless. 

2. "Grandma! Lift higher!"

3. Duck face, fuck off.

4. Proud parent who just dropped the kids off at the pool.

5. Aaron Hernandez, you're making the detective's job too easy.

6. She got beat right after taking the photo.

7. "One day, you can grow up to be just like mommy. Now, I need to find you a daddy."

8. We're not psychologists but this kid might be a threat to his school.

9. Let's see what minny mouse has to say about that, Bitch."

10. "Pecs are looking good."

11. The reason McDonald's came out with a budget plan for all employees.

12. Is it the kid or does she have a nice ass?

13. Believe it or not, he lives alone.

14. "Son, we'll leave T.J. Maxx in a minute. Mommy's busy."

15. Can you take photos at the Mona Lisa? Diddy can. 

16. In her defense, she only has one good angle.

17. My guns bigger than yours.

18. "Hold on Minx! They'll take us seriously now."

19. Again, is it the kid or does she have a nice ass?

20. Instead of spending time taking selfies, she might want to clean her mirror.

21. 70 is the new… 70. Don't try it Geraldo. 

22. And of course, Amanda Bynes.

23. And more Amanda Bynes.

24. And finally, Amanda Bynes.