That's funny, we woke up this morning wondering how we to could get awesome with women. Now, thanks to Ken Hoinsky, getting awesome with women never felt so easy. Normally most men shoot to get game but according to Ken, one must live above the game. 

Thanks to the internet and kickstarter, Ken aka Tofu Tofu, has the opportunity to raise funds for his video venture that will most likely fall flat on its face. Nonetheless, the loner from the suburbs has a message and we're guessing that like everything in life, there's a random market for it. So far, Ken's raised a staggering $16,369 for his cause. We can't believe it either. Whether this works or not, standing in front of your drumset always gets the chicks. 

Why should you donate? We're not sure but this is what Ken has to say: 

My childhood was probably very similar to yours. I grew up in a small suburb. I sucked at sports and spent a lot of time playing video games and messing around on my computer. I was always good at making connections with others, but I was riding purely on instinct. Always the nice guy, my first three girlfriends cheated and dumped me for the other guy.

Ultimately I ended up getting pretty good with women, finding love, and living life. But I didn't start putting the pieces together until…

Summer 2010. I relocated across the globe for a new job. I was alone in a city of millions. I wondered to myself, "Is there a method to meeting new people? Can it be learned? Can it be taught?"

Like many of you, I sought out self-help material. I dug through mountains of books, DVDs, podcasts, blog posts and newsletters in search of the diamonds in the rough. More importantly, I forced myself to go out and test all the theories and tips. I began meticulously documenting my journey on seddit, the "seduction" forum on reddit. It is a support community for men learning to be better with women.

Now, on the surface a "seduction" forum screams sleazy pickup lines and douchebags in fuzzy hats. But I was pleased to find out that that's not the case. At its core, it's just an online support group for men looking to get better at life.

See, the fact is that some men became good with women naturally, at a young age. But most men lack confidence in this area. The good news, though, is that it's a learnable skill!

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