Everyone has heard of “edging,” which is when climax is intentionally delayed or denied. It may sound like a horrible idea to some, but to others, it’s an undeniable way to build arousal and heighten the sensual atmosphere of your lovemaking. But there is another type of “edging” that goes further. Some believe that delaying sex altogether for an extended time serves to make the next sexual encounter even more pleasurable and fulfilling.

Is this true? The answer is, it depends. What kind of lovers are you and your partner? If you’re only having sex a couple of times a week (or worse, a month), it probably isn’t a good idea. You and your partner’s sex drives are probably healthy enough, but if you’re already having sex infrequently, then delaying can only serve to brew frustration. Infrequent sex can lead to many things in a relationship. Unfortunately, very few of them are good.

Do you come home from work after eight agonizing hours of lusting after each other while you attempt to complete your TPS reports? Were you voted “most likely found grinding on each other in an elevator?” If so, then trying this type of “edging” could be incredibly difficult to pull off (pun intended). However, if you manage to keep your hands to yourselves for a few days, the next fling could prove  monumental. After all the time spent simmering, your body will be deliciously aching for your partner.

For extra fun, start slow! Start very slow. Undress each other, re-discover all those inches of flesh you live to give pleasure to. Embrace each other. Listen to each other’s breathing. Let your lust for each other rise to a boiling point until you just can’t take it anymore. Then you can show each other why those sex-less day were a complete hell. All of your trapped sexual energy will explode in hottest, most satisfying way!