She got a B+ on her history exam, but an F- in life after she was arrested for disguising herself as a 15-year-old high school sophomore.

Charity Anne Johnson may have gotten a B+ on her history exam, but she received an F- in life after she was arrested for disguising herself as a 15-year-old high school sophomore in Longview, Texas. If this were any more like Never Been Kissed, Drew Barrymore would be all up in your shit right now, trying to make out.

Earlier in March, the 31-year-old reportedly enrolled at the appropriately-named New Life Christian School under the name "Charity Stevens," which, we have to admit, does actually have a nice 15-year-old ring to it.

Before enrolling in high school, Charity had told Longview resident Tamica Lincoln that she was 15 and needed a place to stay. Tamica fell for it and agreed to act as Charity's legal guardian, signing all the necessary paperwork one sign when one enrolls a secret adult into high school.

Tamica always suspected something was a little strange about Charity; maybe it was the jury summons she kept receiving, maybe it was the AARP magazines that were delivered in her name. So Tamica did a little investigating, and found that Charity was indeed lying about age. So she did what any legal guardian of a full grown adult would do: called the police.

Charity was arrested for failure to identify and giving false information after she gave them a fake name and birthday. But Charity wasn't the only one that got screwed:

"Teachers were crying and students were crying, and her best friend just couldn't believe it," Tamica said, proving one and for all that friendship, when pure, cuts through the boundaries puberty and mid-life like a mighty saber. That's one less quinceañera those kids got to attend. Oh, the humanity!

One thing's for sure though, we want to know what her anti-aging secret is. Unicorn blood? It's gotta be.