Any individual who might have consumed too much booze for their own good will tell you that they've woken up in some strange places: sidewalks, random beds, bushes, a grocery store after hours. When nights turn from one drink to ten, it's imperative that one find a place to sleep. For a Serbian man, he took sleeping arrangements one step further by falling asleep while climbing up a local bridge. 

Ivan T. made it about 22 feet up the bridge (66 feet above the water) before settling in for a good nights rest. Unfortunately, a local onlooker disrupted that sleep when they noticed the passed out individual and notified authorities. Luckily for Ivan, he was having such a deep sleep that the sirens nor the jumble of emergency crews and equipment couldn't awaken him. 

Rescue crews used extreme caution while approaching Ivan to avoid startling the drunkard and sending him over into the cold river 66 feet below. It wasn't until Ivan was strapped into a harness and on his way down that he realized that a bunch of jackasses interrupted his midnight rest. Like a good friend, Ivan thanked his rescue buddies for not letting him spend the entire day on the bridge and instead, taking him back to his own bed. 

Next time, we suggest Ivan climbs a little higher in order to get to the most comfortable spot on the bridge, the apex.