There is a common consciousness that pervades all living beings. Finally, Google Earth allows to see this from space.  

"Fuck you" is the rallying cry of our times, and this profane dude has brothers and sisters around the world. 

In Greenland: 

San Francisco: 

Santiago, Chile:

Tel Aviv, Israel:

These leaders and heroes giving the shaft to Google Street View have been catalogued on Reddit and Twitter and, most thoroughly, by an artist named Michael Wolf, who collected them in a fuck-you-tastic gallery called Fuck You

Not everyone behaves like these shining examples of humanity. Some people wave and salute the Google car and smile. Such people fondle turkey dicks. They drive slow in the left lane. They include .jpegs in their email signatures. They are plagues. We should send them to a remote place without technology where they'll never be heard from again. I'm thinking Nebraska.