Crazy is as crazy does; and this story is bat-shit crazy. In the town of Tshwane, South Africa, an 8 year-old boy and a 61 year-old mother of three tied the knot out of the sheer fact that they feared divine retribution from the little boy's deceased granny. What grandma wishes their grandson to marry someone eight times their age? We don't know, but she had issues.

The couple admits that the marriage shocked the community yet all parties involved agreed they were happy how things went down. Even the boys mother

"Sanele is named after his grandfather, who has never had a white wedding before he died so asked Sanele to get married. He chose Helen because he loves her. By doing this we made the ancestors happy. If we hadn't done what my son had asked then something bad would have happened in the family. I didn't have a problem with it because I know it's what the ancestors wanted and it would make them happy. Sanele was fine and he was happy about the ceremony and it was what he wanted. He was happy to get married and very excited." 

But Sanele is still a home-wrecker. The new bride is evidently already married with three kids. Her husband and kids? They are cool with the wedding as well. Are we the only people who think this is fucked up?

And do you know what we call this type of relationship in America? Another day of middle school in Florida.