Drugs cure, drugs ruin, so here's the news on drugs for the week. To educate, to free, to entertain.

1. Drugs kill at music festivals, as two died at the Lost Lands Festival, possibly from fentanyl, and two died at an Australian music fest, of unknown causes. Test your drugs if you don't trust your plug

2. Thursday, 9/20, is Magic Mushroom day

photo - 920 coalition - magic mushroom day

[Photo from the 920 Coalition, which is promoting 9/20 as mushroom day.]

3. As stoners fled Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, they had to decide whether to take their drug stash with them. If they brought the substances, they risked getting busted by cops; if they left them, they risked getting their shit ruined by the water. Blame climate change.

4. A Colorado mushroom legalization push gained political and legal support, as elected politicians and established marijuana lawyers stood behind the effort to decriminalize psilocybin in Denver in a vote in May 2019. 

5. A certain type of excruciating headache is cured by magic mushrooms, as hundreds of attendees at the ClusterBusters conference in Denver attested.

6. Folks do bad stuff on drugs, even the psychedelics and dissociatives we don't usually think of as dangerous: take shrooms and kill a cat, take LSD and stab a stranger, experiment with ketamine and throw a pint glass at someone. Of course, drugs don't fuck up people, people fucked up on drugs fuck up people. Alcohol, of course, is responsible for far more mayhem.

7. There's too much cannabis news to list, but here's some of it: legal weed disrupts the black market, most doctors and nurses support legalization, baby boomers are using more, a South African judge ruled folks have the right to grow and smoke weed at home, the Canadian military said its service members can get high, Colorado law enforcement said legal weed has huge downsides and Coca-Cola said it's thinking about teaming up with Aurora Cannabis for a CBD-infused drink, the hypocrites.

8. Even Mississippi is on track to vote for legal medicinal marijuana — the rest of the country can't be far behind the most backward state in the country

9. Jobs that smoke the most marijuana, says Marijuana Moment: food service (50 percent), education (46 percent), construction (41 percent) and retail (39 percent). Agriculture was the least-stoned job (3 percent). Weird. You'd think they'd love plants.

10. In Britain, where weed is illegal, teens say pot is easier to get than alcohol, which is legal. The black market does not ID.

11. A black man shot in his home by a white police officer in Dallas had weed in his apartment, reported some sick twisted cops and some jenky news outlets who like their dead black men looking bad and scary, even though all the weed proves is that the dude was way cooler than previously thought. 

Image result for Botham Jean fox news marijuana

[Screenshot from Fox News. Cover photo: girls hold mushrooms (not magic ones), from 920coalition.org.]