Kayla Collins is diversifying her resume by adding "DJ/producer" to her list of skillsets.

Business professionals always say the same thing: The key to any successful venture is to diversify. It doesn’t matter what the venture happens to be, either. Are you a chicken farmer?  Then grow some corn. Do you like fixing cars? Learn motorcycles and RVs, too. And if you’re a model/actress — there might yet be something else out there to build a more rounded skillset.

Like becoming a music producer and DJ — that’s what former Playboy Playmate Kayla Collins did. After toying around at home with her turntables and vinyl for almost 6 years as a personal hobby, she says a friend of hers held an “intervention” and convinced her to take her love of music mainstream. It is, after all, something she’s been obsessed with since she was young.

“I’ve always had a passion for music in general,” says Collins. “Growing up I used to make mixtapes for friends. I’d always have the hottest unreleased stuff and would find ways to get things before they were out. I’d always want to be the first one my friends heard new stuff from.”

After being scouted on MySpace by Hugh Hefner’s then girlfriend Holly Madison, Collins found her way into the public eye through a series of appearances on the reality show “The Girls Next Door” — and would eventually grace the middle pages of Playboy in August of 2008.

And while acting and modeling is still something she loves doing (she’s in the 2014 film “Let’s Be Cops” and will appear in this summer’s “Entourage”), she says her main focus right now is in music.

She’ll be in Denver this Saturday, Apr 18, behind the decks at a Rooster sponsored event featuring H*Wood at The Bluebird Theater. Tickets are still available, but going fast. 

DJ Dollface on her musical style …

“I love all different genres of music, but when I’m DJing in the club I like to have that high energy vibe with people dancing. But I like being open format. I can switch it up based on the place’s preference. If I’m DJing at a lounge, I’ll play slower lounge music. But if I’m in the club, then I’ll play an up-tempo set. It really just depends.”

On chasing dreams …

“Ultimately I’d say the biggest thing is don’t make a decision on any career based off of money. It has to be your passion. It can’t be a money-based goal. You’re an artist, you have to have that creative passion behind it or your skills won’t show. It comes from the heart more than anything.”

On the haters; oh the haters …

“Haters are everywhere, you know? I just try to let it roll off my shoulders. I don’t have a bulletproof heart, so I am affected when people make comments, but if you feel like you can kill it, then everybody else’s opinion doesn’t matter. Most of the people who make those comments are jealous and scared to pursue their own dreams or goals, or don’t have enough courage to. They’re hating on you as a reflection of how they feel about themselves.”

On the future …

“Right now I’m producing my own content, and I really want to transform out of the club scene to be more of a performance DJ. From going on tours and playing festivals, this is really the beginning. This is my main focus right now and a lot of the things I’m working on that aren’t out yet will be out soon.“


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WHEN: Saturday, Apr 18, 2015 // Doors @ 7:00pm
WHO: H*Wood w/ DJ Dollface, Kid Vegas, NaPalm, H and Zach Raab
WHERE: The Bluebird Theatre // 3317 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80206
WHY: Because it would be sad going through life admitting to everyone you missed this golden opportunity, when you had every possible chance to do so.