Cancer can kill you. Car crashes can kill you. Even OJ Simpson can kill you. There are a lot of ways to die, and as one Oklahoma man demonstrated, an 'atomic wedgie' is one of them. You can thank us later for this one.

Hey, you. How's your Wednesday going? That's great! Well, we just wanted to remind you that you can die by suffocating in your own underwear.

Unfortunately, that's what happened to Denver Lee St. Claire. The Oklahoma man died after his step-son gave him an 'atomic wedgie,' a ubiquitous frat move in which one lovingly yanks someone's underwear impossibly far up their butt-crack, then pulls it over their head.

Normally, such a wedgie result in nothing more than sore balls and a bruised ego, but for Denver, the atomic wedgie he received was so powerful that it knocked him out, causing him him to fall, hit his head, and suffocate inside his own boxer-briefs.

Denver's step-son Brad Davis admitted to dealing the fatal wedgie to Denver, and is being held in a Pottawatomie County jail on a homicide complaint.

Although Denver is the first and only recorded case of death-by-wedgie, the painful prank has wrecked havoc elsewhere; in 2004, a 10-year-old boy underwent surgery to reattach a testicle that was ripped off by a wedgie gone awry.

So kids, what's the moral of the story? That's right…don't wear underwear, ever, for any reason if you want to live another day.