The frenetic LA-based producer is coming, don't sleep your lazy ass out on this one …

The music industry can be a real shitty line of work full of hassles, letdowns and unsavory characters. But some artists manage to navigate a path through it without losing track of the important things in life.

Known for crafting beats as wild and frenetic as his hair, The Gaslamp Killer is a sonic force to be reckoned with. Though, amongst the chaos of the industry, he manages to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. Recently, the LA-based producer took some time to chat with us about how he stays connected to his spiritual side and how he maintains that glorious, flowing mane before he swings through Denver

What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned during your time in the music industry?

"Health is the most important thing. No amount of money can buy you a healthy mind, body and soul. So it’s important to take good care of yourself and make sure your physical health, mental health and spiritual connection doesn’t get squelched by all that other shit. Being an artist is important, but being a healthy human being is much more important. That’s one thing that I had to learn the hard way."

Have you always been pretty spiritual?

"No, but I always felt a connection to the Earth and to other people. I always felt like I could connect with people easily. People always seemed sort of drawn to me, but I didn’t really think of it as spirituality. I didn’t really think that I had some musical calling. I just knew that I never wanted to work at a desk, so I had to parlay my gift with people into something. I never really thought of it as spirituality, more like natural intuition; I guess I would call it spirituality now that I’m an adult."

How do you connect with your spiritual side and translate that into your music?

"Music is like the gateway to the soul. You have to treat yourself and your music as sacred, and that’s sort of spiritual in itself. When I’m creating, I try to set an intention before I start. Or I’ll go on a long walk in the middle of the song or whatever I’m making; just take some time to be outside and then come back to it. Apart from music, I feel better when I’m in nature. I go swimming in the ocean. Just things that keep it simple and ground you to the Earth. It’s nice to disconnect from whatever you have going on."

Finally, the question on everyone’s mind: What do you do to take care of all that hair?

[laughs] "Nothing really. I just let it do what it do — no maintenance at all. I haven’t trimmed it in five years."

Grab tickets for Queen City Music Festival here. And be on the lookout for The Gaslamp Killer's new album, coming out September 16th.