Do you need some cash, and also the educational opportunity of a lifetime? Cool, just pretend to be this guy for four years. It's that simple!

Craigslist is a veritable wonderland of weirdness. We've seen our fair share of absurdity on the site, but we've never quite seen anything like this.

A Pittsburg man is offering someone $40K a year to attend Harvard, posing as him. Plus a $10K graduation bonus. All you gotta do is "attend all classes, pass all tests, and finish all assigned work, while pretending you are me." We're IN.

Here's that a bit bigger in case you either can't believe what you just read, or are blind.

Clearly, the kid has something better to do than attend the plant earth's top university and receive a world-class education. But the person who responded to the ad doesnt…

If someone's not already writing a movie script about this, than we will, because this shit is Hollywood gold.