Out of ideas for doing anything exiting with a potential forever-mate? The bae whisperer’s guide to intensifying impressions has some ideas to liven up the blah.

Even though hooking up is as easy as a swipe of the thumb, there was a time in history when two people actually had to spend time with one another before going Facebook official. This is what the world called “dating” — but even that gets cliché and routine sometimes. To help battle the blah for everyone still engaging face to face in their romantic endeavors, here are a few off-the-rail ideas to keep your potential wooing extra exciting.

Take a walk in a cemetery
Walking around with your potential mate is a classic move in the romance game, but at what point does one say to themselves, “Going to the park or a mountain trail is too basic. How do I up the flaunt?” Take them to an open cemetery where you both can wonder aloud about couples in love, the heroic pasts of service men/women and create strange Dateline-styled tales of the less fortunate. Wandering around aimlessly hand in hand while rationalizing your own mortality is exotic, and can easily open up dialogue about future goals, past mistakes and life insurance policies.

Trait Exploration: Curiosity, Adventure and Creativity

Do just about anything nude
Clothing doesn’t always have to be a part of the first encounter. The great hippies of the Rockies have built plenty of colonies within driving distance to show derrieres some sunshine. If he/she were up for it, why the hell wouldn’t you take on such a learning experience? It’s 2016 and nudity needs to leave its prudish past in the history books with things like people-owning and hate. News flash: We all have naked bodies and should enjoy them while they’re young and taught. A nude meet-up gets the awkward stuff out of the way early. Be free!

Trait Exploration: Self-esteem, Courage and Awkwardness

Role-play around town
Role-playing doesn’t always have to mean both of you are jumping into bed with a $3 DC Comics mask taped to your face. It could be anything as simple as pretending to be lost tourists downtown or in a bar celebrating a new pregnancy (seriously, others’ explosive disdain is hilarious). We’re thinking more along the line of seeking out open houses on Craigslist, though, and showing up as “newlyweds.” They often have snacks of some sort, and any way to cut a date cheap while getting fed delicious punch and hors d'oeuvres is a massive plus.

Trait Exploration: Creativity, Impulsiveness and Sense of Humor

Stay in and make homebrew
Any self-respecting brewmaster will talk your ear off about the intricacies of making the finest beer in town. It might take years to master the craft, but the actual process of making beer at home is relatively simple. There are kits on the market selling from around $40 a pop, and most are a commitment-proof way to live the homebrew lifestyle. As it takes a few hours of boiling and closely watching temperatures, there’s more than enough time to engage in meaningful conversation. As an added bonus, you’re all but guaranteed to see them again in four weeks when it’s time to get drunk.

Trait Exploration: Attention to Detail, Patience and Cleanliness

Graffiti something
Getting to know someone doesn’t always have to be ordinary — or even legal. If you’re a badass with a felonious sense of adventure, don’t wait until you both walk down the aisle to let them know. Let them select the color of paint cans, grab your favorite brand of wide-tips and go literally paint the town red. Chances are they won’t have a tag name, so jaunt around the alleyways thinking of the best one that will look “so super sick dope” on the side of a trash can. If the law swoops through, take the papers and all the blame. Misdemeanors will definitely kill the vibe.

Trait Exploration: Lawlessness, Dependability and Honesty

Drink at that shifty looking bar outside of town
The great Colorado gentrification of the 2000s hasn’t left much room to explore the great beyond anywhere relatively close, but there are a few exceptions. Wander outside city lines for a few miles and there are some pretty fantastic watering holes still left over from the great depression. Or someone’s depression at least. They’ll likely be less crowded than any of the troughs downtown and may gift you with the experience of interesting conversation with a local. Chances are you’ll be the two best-looking ones in the spot! No, we’re kidding. City folk are ugly too.

Trait Exploration: Communication, Adaptability and Trustworthiness

Light up the shooting range
Neither one of you have to drop your fervent dedication against (or for) the 2nd Amendment to enjoy a good pew-pew every now and again. It’s not as if shooting ranges are set up like the Wild West and anyone wearing cowboy boots is entitled to duel at whim. There are rules, regulations and strict safety guidelines in place to combat risk. The thrill, however, is in the shot. We dare anyone to knock off a few rounds and not feel a bolt of euphoria slice up your spine. Afterwards, as both of your adrenal glands simmer down, conversation will flow with ease.

Trait Exploration: Political Affiliation, Courage and Self-discipline

Netflix binge
Marilyn Monroe once said, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” This sums up how we feel about any lengthy binge-sesh because while we do absolutely need to keep clicking yes to “Are you still watching ‘Gilmore Girls?’” over and over, we’d rather not brag about it to anyone whose opinions we care about. But if you both sloth around together like a scared opossum — pajamas and showers optional — then you’ve both quickly seen each other’s darker side of being a session addict. Birds of a feather and all of that …

Trait Exploration: Taste Compatibility, Endurance and Motivation