It's the classic love story…Boy meets girl. Boy takes girl to dinner. Boy steals girl's phone after she refuses to split the bill. Girl is hardly impressed. Boy goes to jail, ensuring that there will, under no circumstances be a second date. Ever! W-I-N-N-I-N-G.

Ever gone on a first date and thought to yourself, "I hope I never ever see this person ever again? Except for maybe in a court of law?" Well, turns out, it's easier to avoid that dreaded second date than you may have thought. Londoners Kishore Nimmala and Fakhara Sultana show you how.

1. Don't bring any money for dinner. Insist the other person pays at least half.

According the the po-po in London, Kishore Nimmala went on a dinner date with Fakhara Sultana. When the bill came, (it was $84), he reportedly asked her if she wanted to split the bill. She replied that she hadn't brought any money, and had expected him to pay for the meal, it being their first date and all.

2. If your date doesn't pay up, don't give up just yet! Follow them around demanding some ca$h money.

Kishore began badgering her for the money, so she left. He followed her to a nearby train station and continued to harass her about it, chasing her around.

3. Steal their phone. Then, quick! Run away!

When she pulled out her phone to call someone for assistance, he snatched the thing and ran off with it, prosecutor Helen Thomas told the Southwark Crown Court

4. Have a nice life in jail.

Fakhara not impressed. She wasn't about to have that. So, she took off after him, chasing him down the street and was joined by two policemen, who tackled Kishore. He told them she had "taken his money," and that he only meant to keep her phone until she "paid her share" of the doomed dinner…and then guess what? He got arrested…ensuring that a second date was completely out of the question.

His trial is ongoing. However, their relationship is not. Nailed it!