“Wanna try something naughty?” These are the words that began my pursuit of the mind blowing quickie … Of course, my significant other was on-board before I elaborated on my sexy scheme, but what we soon discovered is that the making of a quickie is nothing like what you see in the movies. Sneaking away to defile a restaurant’s bathroom will probably draw attention, you may find yourself cramped and unable to figure out a successful position to get off, and you better be prepared to get caught.

The ten-minute closet romp is a fixture of fantasy and, for most people, it often remains just that. Sure, you can attempt it in the spur of the moment, but I’ve come to find that there’s a certain amount of planning required to perfect this sexual adventure. Taking the risk is incredibly sexy – even more so if you’re in a long-term relationship looking to spice things up – and prepping for it can be sexy in its own right. Here’s the run-down on how I managed to have an intensely satisfying quicky. You can too!

1. Talk about it beforehand

You don’t have to provide a complete itinerary, but if you know the place in question (try to start with a familiar hangout), have a good idea of what position will get you there, and prepare a story for if you get caught, you’ll find you can enjoy yourself without any of the pressure of asking how, what, when, and “oh god is that the manager at the door?”.

2. Prepare yourself

Getting turned on at the drop of a hat is generally pretty easy for guys, but ladies generally need the chance to get really worked up. Girls, try a masturbation session before leaving the house, wear a pair of vibrating panties, or have a favorite naughty pic available on your phone for quick inspiration.

3. Set the Pace

Send dirty text messages leading up to the big finale. Let your foot slide up his leg into his crotch if you’re facing each other at the table. Lick your lips suggestively. Use your imagination to tease and tantalize until there’s really no choice but to have your way with one another.

4. Practice

As with anything, practice makes perfect. But not in a math kind of way… Don’t take the experience too seriously. After all, it’s about experimenting and having fun! You’ll find that after a few attempts you will gain confidence and begin enjoying yourself even more.