Since 2016 US diplomats working at foreign embassies in Cuba and China have been suffering from a mysterious “illness.” They were being struck with instantaneous nausea, debilitating headaches, dizziness, cognitive disabilities and other unusual symptoms — it was confusing, uncomfortable and frightening for those who experienced it. And no one knew what it could be…

In the years since, so many Americans have come down with this mysterious ailment at the Cuban and Chinese embassies that it’s actually gotten its own name: “Havana Syndrome.”     

As it turns out, though, Havana Syndrome isn't an illness at all — as revealed by a now-public investigation by Federal agnecies, this condition is believed to be the result of an invisible directed-energy weapon attack. Some undercover spy is shooting American diplomats with untraceable pulsed radio frequency beams and microwaves, making them sick as dogs.

And whoever it is, just hit the White House. They’ve brought their sci-fi-weaponry warfare straight to the President’s doorstep in a ballsy act of antagonism. The message is clear: “We’ve got new future weapons, and we aren’t afraid to use them — even on your own home turf, America.”

So who’s behind this futuristic, sci-fi sounding act of espionage aggression? And why?

Those are the million-dollar questions. And speculation is flying around the mainstream media almost as wildly as these invisible energy rays are flying US diplomatic institutions: some people blame the Russians, who’ve been developing directed energy ray technology since the 70’s; others are pointing fingers at the Chinese, who made headlines as recently as April for advancements on their anti-satellite directed-energy weapon technology.

But those uninspired explanations seem too obvious, too “in-the-box” to make any real sense at all. In fact, the simplicity of that logic almost disqualifies either explanation as a real possibility, off the bat.

However, while Russia and China seem the obvious suspects, here — they aren’t the only possible culprits. There are other players out there who wouldn’t hesitate at the opportunity to shoot American diplomats with an untraceable directed energy weapon, for a lot of different reasons.

So, let’s explore some of them:

Iran? Turkey? Someone else?

There aren’t many countries out there that have publicly invested in R&D for directed energy weapons. The US, the UK, China, Russia, and India all claim to have them “in development” — while Turkey and Iran both claim to have them in active service. Which puts their names squarely on the “suspect” list. Why would China attack an American diplomat with futuristic weapons at the American Embassy in China? Why would Russia do it in Cuba? It’s too obvious — too straight forward.

But for a country like Iran or Turkey, American embassies in Cuba or China are ideal locations to test out new spy-tech — an opportunity to lash out covertly at a country you’ve got mildly tense relations with, while at the same time, framing another adversary for the attack.

However, it’s also possible that some other nation out there has recently developed this technology and simply isn’t admitting it. Which leaves the door open for all kinds of possibilities… has Tajikistan developed direct-energy rays? Is Mexico finally standing up to wage a spy war against the US? Is this the goddamned Canadians?!

American False Flag

If you want to start a war with someone, staging a false flag attack on home soil is one of the best ways to get the ball rolling. Make it look like your desired enemy killed a bunch of your people, or destroyed something dear to your nation; make the public feel afraid and vulnerable and then offer protection — vengeance.

Is this the CIA pulling some shady shit and attacking our own diplomats with spy-tech to try and seed conflict? They aren’t above that kind of thing. Just look at some of their other projects like MK-Ultra or their “black sites.”

Castro’s Revenge

Along with David Bowie, Prince and many other celebrities who punched out in 2016 (when these attacks began), was Fidel Castro. Or, so we were told… But here’s the thing: Castro “died” a few times before that. In 2011 rumors of his death circulated in an internet scam, then again in 2015 when a relative of Castro’s died. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the old man to kick the bucket — so what better time to fake your own death, retreat to a secret Cuban base in the mountains and attack unwanted American diplomats occupying your country with directed energy waves?

Clearly, if Castro is in fact alive still and behind all this, he’s expanding his campaign to target Americans in China and even, on the lawn of the White House itself.

That bold socialist rogue just doesn’t know when to quit.


Of course, the possibility that this is aliens can’t be ruled out either. 2016 was also the year that the Pentagon’s now famous UFO-videos leaked to the public and there’s been increasing government acknowledgement of the UFO phenomenon ever since. Now we’re building up to *some* kind of government report in June, which is supposed to disclose something about UFO’s…

Do these attacks have anything to do with an alien species? Are these interdimensional beings, reaching out to communicate with or antagonize us? Are little green men firing laser beams at Department of Interior employees for kicks and giggles?