We’re obviously incredibly biased towards things like words, vowels, halfway complete sentences and the skill of written art. We thrive on the ability to put down into words what our twisted and often aimless minds produce out of what we can only assume is the thinnest of airs. But words aren’t always necessary. In fact, in some genres of music they’re often left out on purpose and pushed aside to allow particular harmonies to command the main attraction of the piece.

Take TAUK for a quick instance. It’s a New York bred experimental band that relies solely on the art of instrumentation. There is no singing – aside from a few cover songs here and there – and it has made a clean living off of it while garnering a substantial fan base along the way.

We had a chance to sit down with one of the guys from TAUK before they come to Colorado for a five-day residency spanning from Ft. Fun to Keystone and most of the better places in between. Bassist, Charlie Dolan wasn’t instrumental when he answered our questions yesterday. That would be ridiculous. No, he uses his words. And here are those words in response to all of our words.

When getting down with instrumental music live do you feel that you lose people in the crowd, or is it the other way and you grab their attention better?

It’s definitely a different challenge but to me if the music is good, and it moves people, they will like it. I enjoy the process of winning over a crowd that’s not familiar with our music. We may lose some people but I think there are just as many people excited that we play totally instrumental sets. Younger audiences are getting more used to music without vocals with the rise of EDM. While we don't play that kind of music I think we are able to tap into that crossover a little bit.

What are some of the worst things people have said to you at performances about not singing?

Nothing too bad ever really, sometimes people ask if we ever sing. We do throw a cover in the set sometimes where our drummer Isaac sings, but only for special late night occasions.

Do you embrace the idea of experimental music being a ‘stoner genre’ or do you think it has more to it?

There is definitely more to it, but “experimental music” is a pretty broad genre. I wouldn’t say people need to get stoned to listen to our music, or experimental music in general, but that doesn’t mean we don’t endorse it.

Colorado gets TAUK in town for almost an entire week. What makes us so special?

Were making the trip to find out! There have been countless people at our shows this past year telling us Colorado has one of the best scenes for our music in the country. I think were getting a great introduction to market opening up for some amazing bands.

Playing an entire set in our altitude can get exhausting for bands, do you ever succumb to our height on stage?

I don't think we have ever played at such a high altitude, were ready for it though!

What about “The Mile High Flu” – that is – getting far drunker than you could have ever imagined because of the thin air?

We shall test the waters, hopefully it works out.

Are there any professions amongst the band other than being a musician? What generally pays the bills?

We all do this full time right now.

How many tickets has TAUK gotten while on the road?

Only 1 parking ticket so far, pretty good if you ask me

Have you ever tried writing off a ticket on taxes, or, will you now that we put the idea in your head?

Nope, we plan on not getting any more tickets. But it’s an interesting idea for sure!

We always hear that most musicians hate the idea of the Grammys and award sin particular. Do you have any thoughts on the Grammys?

I can’t say I wouldn’t be psyched if we got nominated or won a Grammy. It’s nice to be recognized for your hard work. But that being said I don’t put that much stock in it. We don't need a Grammy to enjoy or feel like what were doing is good and worthwhile.

What can we expect out of the future from you guys?

Were about to go into the studio and start recording our next album, we hope to release it sometime this summer. A live album is definitely in the plans for this year as well. Besides that we are going to continue to tour throughout the year and hit up a bunch of festivals this summer.

Homunculus is the band’s first fully instrumental album and was produced by Grammy-winning badass Robert Carranza. The album is available for download on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/iTunesTauk.