Once upon a time, men couldn’t masturbate without being made fun of or worse. These days, however, things have drastically changed because of sex toys for men, and the male population couldn’t be more grateful.

What Is a Sex Toy for Men?

Male-specific pleasure products are designed to stimulate the various erogenous zones of the male body, namely the penis, prostate gland, perineum, and glans (or balls). The industry is full of devices that range greatly in size, shape and functionality, and not all products do the same exact thing (even when they’re similar). For the most part, however, today’s sex toy for men is a highly sophisticated contraption that has revolutionized the way guys are having sex and/or masturbating because, by and large, they’re all relatively ergonomic and easy to use.

The prevalence of such well-made products has caused the market to flood with exciting and innovative options. In response to the overwhelming selection, today’s man tends to feel as though his needs and wants are more recognized and accepted (finally). Modern males are now equipped to handle their sexual desires in a safer and more satisfying way, forfeiting one-night stands and bare hands for high-tech gadgets with realistic detailing. The change has thereby caused society to take another look at what was once considered taboo. After all, it’s a man’s world.

The Top 5 Reasons to Use One

Contemporary men aren’t slaves to trend; they just know a good thing when they see it. For decades, the most popular sex toy was the dildo – a device made primarily for women. It wasn’t until the late 90s that the first high-end sex toy for men was introduced. It was a sad example of what the future held, but we’ve come so far since those days. 

At the time, manufacturing standards for pleasure products weren’t as stringent and material sourcing had yet to find its rhythm. Fast-forward to the present and there are now hundreds of options to try, from automatic masturbation machines and disposable jerk-off sleeves to electrostimulation butt plugs and vibrating prostate massagers. Not only has the taboo been lifted but the glass ceiling has been downright destroyed.

Horny and curious guys can finally take advantage of mankind’s collective innovations, benefiting from sex toys in at least five different ways in the process:

  1. His Orgasms Get More Intense

It’s a well-known fact that men have more enjoyable climaxes when they can focus on the task at hand and fully immerse themselves in the experience. Thanks to developments in technology and the use of those innovations in modern-day sex toy construction, guys can finally relish in their own abilities to have orgasm without the assistance of a partner (who can be difficult to please, nonetheless). Furthermore, the most male sex toys do little, if anything, besides function as a pleasure product, so their components are spot-on for intensified orgasms no matter the skill level of the user.

  1. His Stamina Gets a Boost

Perhaps the main reason why male sex toys have lost their negative stigma in society is because of the fact that they’ve helped millions of men conquer sexual performance problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and even Peyronie’s Disease (or curvature of the penis). The initial medical applications eventually bled into everyday male life, resulting in the creation of specialized pleasure products that act as stamina trainers and/or performance enhancers.   

  1. His Sessions Gets Easier to Customize

Whether strictly for pleasure or used for cosmetics and aesthetics, today’s male masturbation device is chalk full of user-friendly features that are set up to help sex be safer, easier, and more exciting than ever before. Between features like tailored material textures and orifices, pre-programmed pleasure settings, web or app-controlled databases, and touch-sensitive interfaces, customizing the experience has never been simpler or more enjoyable than it is right now.

  1. His Pleasure Is Provided with Pinpoint Accuracy

Nothing can compare to direct person-to-person intimacy with a partner, but every encounter isn’t satisfactory. In other words, high-end sex toys can do what a human being cannot – perform an act of sexual service for long periods of time without stopping or needing the favor returned. Moreover, the right device can send amazing sensations to a very specific part of the body, often using anatomical science and advanced market research to develop an accurate delivery of pleasure. When was the last time a partner did that much homework for you?

  1. His Long-Distance Relationships Are Supplemented

The most technologically advanced options are beginning to utilize more interactive features, all of which are swiftly bridging the gap between long-distance lovers. Unlike encounters of the past that involved kinky conversations over the phone, partners are able to cooperate with each other to create a one-of-a-kind experience that’s more realistic than sexting and dirty talk and more satisfying than standard masturbation and/or infidelity.

What’s Currently Available

Had the taboo not been rightfully set on fire, we’d all still be masturbating with our bare hands instead of enjoying the inventions of innovative deviants. Said innovations are remarkable too, with the following options only scratching the surface of what’s currently available:

  • Wireless Remote Controls

Men can take a more hands-off approach to their orgasms thanks to invention of wireless remotes. Control your device from across the room or across the world using an interface designed specifically to enhance user-friendliness and create the element of surprise.

  • Bluetooth

Some toys allow users to connect their device to another one via Bluetooth which allows for direct interaction between partners. Usually, this feature is combined with other technologies to help enhance the level of realism in the session. On toys not made for couples, Bluetooth is typically used to foster a real-time experience using external stimuli such as porn content.

  • Motion Sensors

Often used alongside Bluetooth and other technologies, motion sensors are utilized to provide a real-time experience for the user based on the natural movements of a partner or performer. The setting can usually be turned on or off at the user’s whim, plus it’s sometimes compatible with other toys. 

  • Mobile Apps

Modern sex toys are full of amazing technologies that make them exceptionally versatile, including mobile apps that can act as wireless remote controls, educational hubs, interaction portals, and libraries for porn content, games and forums.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is huge right now, especially in the realm of sex toys for men. Users can link up to their favorite 3D porn content library, sync their VR goggles to the device they’re playing with, and then experience a lifelike erotica session with their chosen partner or performer in the comfort of their own home (and usually without hands too).

With all this amazing technology making its way into our bedrooms, we don’t want the upwardly mobile trend to start sliding backwards. Whichever way you feel and whatever you decide, never buy a male sex toy without doing your research on it first.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Today’s pleasure product industry is so vast that a clever marketer can have a field day on an unsuspecting consumer. Add the fact that most high-end male sex toys are expensive and you have a recipe for pushing our progress in the opposite direction as skeptics go running for the hills. There’s little we can do about the supply at this point, but there is much we can do about our demands.

To get the most bang for your buck (pun completely intended), it’s important to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Consider Some Other Opinions

Honest sex toy reviews will tell you more than any manufacturer or marketer ever will. Consider what people have to say about a product and their experience with it to get a better idea of what you’re messing with.

  1. Think About Your Wants and Needs

A careful assessment of your requirements and desires is a quick way to find what you really want. Remember that there are a wide variety of materials and designs to choose from, so don’t settle on anything until you’re sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Get Your Bedroom Prepared

Some toys require extra equipment to use them as intended, especially if that toy contains high-tech or interactive components. Be sure you have enough room in the budget for things like VR goggles, mobile data plans, internet services, personal lubrication, batteries, and sex toy cleaner.