As arguably one of the most under-rated electronic acts out right now, we're stoked to have them coming back to town soon …

As arguably one of the most underrated electronic acts making the rounds right now, Keys N Krates continues to hike its way upward in club and festival culture relevancy. A Canadian-bred trio that began in 2008 out of Toronto, Ontario, the three proficient producers — Adam Tune, David Matisse and Flowinsky — are fresh off of another EP release titled Midnite Mass, a third drop on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak records. The new collection of dance-heavy heaters and soul-punishing energy is the catalyst to its current tour, which makes its way to Denver and the Ogden Theatre on Feb 11. The trio recently gave us some insight on how well they’re all handling the journey.

1. Things look good for you guys right now. How does everyone love the ride of life so far?

Flo: “We are all pretty happy. Just happy to be doing the music we want to be doing on our terms and have support from amazing fans. We feel more focused than ever. Focused on making our music better and better as well as our show and live experience better and better.”

2. How does Keys N Krates approach the haters?

Matisse: “Surprisingly enough, we don’t feel like we’ve caught much hate, but with that being said, our music and show isn’t for everyone, and we get that, and that’s totally fine with us.”

3. What’s the story behind the title of Midnite Mass?

Flo: “We just the wanted the EP’s sound — and the vibe of the tour — to capture the spirit of these music gatherings we are accustomed to, now being almost like religious gatherings. It’s where people go to cope with real life and look to something to help them reflect, but also escape. It’s also a collective experience, one where every participant is just as important as who’s on stage or leading mass.”

4. All of your remixes have been fire up to this point, but do you have one that stands out as a favorite?

Tune: “I think definitely the Tove Lo flip we did is all our favorite (‘All The Time’). We did that before Tove Lo’s original was even catching real steam, so a lot of kids in North America view it as more of an original, even though it’s definitely a remix.”

5. Real talk: Who do you want to see running this country?

Flo: “Well, we aren’t American, so our opinions don’t really matter, but definitely not Trump — or any of the republican candidates for that matter. It’s quite frightening listening to their debates. Almost like watching The Simpsons. Like, is this even real?”

6. What’s everyone’s go-to shot at the bar?

Tune: “We don’t do shots anymore.”

7. When you guys play video games, which one of you gets the crappy, third controller that’s always broken?

Matisse: “We’ve never actually played video games together.”

8. What’s the most important factor in making a club banger?

Flo: “Has to be catchy and make people dance.”

9. Do you think Calvin Harris will ever lock up a Taylor Swift marriage?

Tune: “No clue, but that would be a lot of publishing in one household.”

10. What do we have to look forward to when Keys N Krates gets back in Denver?

Matisse: “Us cleaning out all the doobies from your dispensaries — and a great show.”