We catch up with Tech N9ne's quick-flowing protégé, Krizz Kaliko, before he gets to town on Jan 16.

Kansas City–based crooner and energetic emcee Krizz Kaliko crept onto the scene long ago when he was featured on larger artists’ tracks, steadily building a following of his own in the process. Signing to Tech N9ne’s Strange Music label in the late ‘90s, he had one of the most prolific artists in hip-hop as a guiding light to help. Couple that with his signature quick-flow and a proper vocal talent with catchy melodies, Kaliko’s reign only rises further. This month he’s “Rock-n The Rockies” at the Roxy Theatre on Jan 16, 2016. His anticipated album, Illuminated, is rumored to be dropping this year too — hearing new songs at the show is a solid possibility.

1. Use four words to describe yourself to readers who haven’t heard of you yet:

Innovative, eclectic, intuitive and electric.

2. What’s your opinion on ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters are very necessary. Some people have a certain type of talent, but not necessarily the skills to write the songs to take their career to the highest level.

3. Who do you have winning the Super Bowl this season?

There are only two teams in the NFL: The Kansas City Chiefs and whoever they're playing that week.

4. If it weren’t for being an artist, where do you think you’d be?

Living some boring existence stuck in someone's cubicle. Or somewhere being a billionaire from some huge invention.

5. Which artist(s), dead or alive, would you love to collaborate with?

Notorious BIG, Rick James, Ceelo Green, John Legend, Marvin Sapp, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Drake and OutKast.

6. Do you have a favorite track, or do you treat them all the same, like a baby?

That's crazy that you say ‘like a baby.’ I always say that every track is like my child. I treat them exactly the same.

7. Hopsin recently took a dig, saying 'rap today fuckin’ sucks bad' — agree or disagree?

I absolutely disagree. I believe that there are various types of rap. There are dance songs, songs that you love for the emcees lyricism, trap — and what Strange does, which is a mixture of everything. You have to love music for what it is. Not what you want it to be, just one kind of rap.

8. Who are some come-up artists we need to check out?

Strange Music has some of the best new artists. Hate to sound like I'm just campaigning for us, but our entire roster is full of new artists that thrill audiences across the world.

9. What does Krizz Kaliko think of Colorado fans?

I hate to say that they are our biggest fans, but the numbers speak for themselves. I love Colorado fans. I can't think of a place that gives us more love than the state of Colorado.

10.  What’s good on Illuminated? Do you have any updates for us?

This album is music that I've never even tried to do before. It has so many hits on it; it was hard for me to decide which one was going to be my single. It’s futuristic and vintage. And as always there's something for everyone. Let’s just say I'm going to ‘GO’ on this one.