Note to Jessica Black; you don't have to confine your child's Halloween costume to plain old white sheets with holes cut in them anymore. Nope. Because now, there's something called a "costume store", which is conveniently outfitted with any number of non-racist kid's costumes. Give it a try some time, mmkay?

Will someone please tell this woman she's got other options than dressing her kid up as a KKK member for Halloween? Yeah, we know she's got an extra white sheet that she doesn't use, but that doesn't mean she can just make a KKK costume out of it because it's easy.

Other parents put in some effort. Other parents go to places called "costume stores" and get things like shiny colored fabric and foil and Lil' Wayne wigs and tiny straight jackets to match the tiny Hannibal Lecter masks they made. Things that don't make their precious little babies look like mini-super-racists. Look:

See, those parents are true costume-makers. But not Jessica Black. She ain't got no time for Halloween. She just got a sheet. A sheet she cut holes in and fashioned into a KKK outfit for her son, who paraded the thing around the neighborhood like he was a Southern plantation owner in 1860.

Whatever, Jessica. Anyone can throw a sheet on a kid and send them out to simultaneously collect candy and parade around like a sad, shining beacon that racism still exists. Sigh. We can't decide whether it's the most racist, or laziest costume of all time.

Maybe this will help us decide though: Jessica defended her decision to dress her son up as a KKK pip-squeak by telling reporters that not only did her family have a long and rich history of dressing up as white supremacists for Halloween, but also that her decision was warranted because the KKK "raises money for St. Jude's." Because, why not. She then continue to make herself look like an idiot by adding, "It's suppose to be white with white. Black with black. Man with woman and all of that. That's what the KKK stands for." Uh, okay, so the costume was just straight up racist.

Her son claimed he had seen KKK members in the film "Fried Green Tomatoes" and thought they were real "cool." When he asked Jessica if she would make him the costume, she said, "UH'MERICA FUCK YEAH" and thus turned her kid into a racist, Halloween candy peddlar. Watch her try to explain this to the black reporter that was assigned to interview her…

Yikes. Well kids, what did we learn today? If you want to show everyone you're a dick and receive some cool Facebook death threats, just dress your kid up like an asshole on Halloween, then sit back, relax, and wait for the sound of eggs exploding on your windows and toilet paper being tossed through your beloved rose bushes to grace your ears. Or, just dress your kid up like Batman, smoke a bowl, then eat all their candy like everyone else.