For thousands of years men have settled for their hand when it was time to let off some pent up sexual energy. I won't lie, for the most part, it’s been pretty effective. Our technological capabilities have evolved exponentially since then, we now have some real knockout sex toys that are sure to turn heads.

Stigmas are eroding around sex to the point where I wonder if people will look back at this era in time the same way they looked at the sexual liberation of the 70s. Any sort of gender expression or sexual preference is tolerated now. This has helped erode the stigma around men owning sex toys immensely. There’s actually a lot of good reasons for a man to choose to invest in a quality sex toy for himself besides raw hedonistic gratification. A male masturbator is sometimes referred to as a stroker or a pocket pussy, they’re orifices a man can thrust into for pleasure. Simple enough, right? Here’s why men are flocking to them in droves:

Health Reasons

It turns out that repeatedly using your hand on the same place on your genitals can lead to some issues. Many men who masturbate frequently using internet pornography also report that they eventually develop a condition known as death grip. In simplest terms, death grip is when a man grips the penis too tightly during aggressive masturbation resulting in desensitization of the penis. This condition can lead to superficial bruising of the penis as well as a loss of sensitivity during actual sex. Essentially, death grip is like redlining your penis. With a male masturbator the friction during masturbation is spread out more evenly throughout the penis plus the material is much more gentle on the skin than a tightly gripped fist.

Increasing Endurance

Many of these toys have became fairly analogous to the female vagina. I’m not saying they’ll ever be a substitute for real sex, but they’re definitely a step closer to the feelings a man would feel during sex. So, many people use these toys to train themselves to last during extremely pleasurable situations. It’s as easy as looking for the top 10 best male masturbators and picking the one that’s best for you. The intense sensations these toys bring are often hard to resist which means that over time the average guy will end up lasting much longer than previously under circumstances that are closer to sex.

They’re Just Plain Better

Honestly, the hand isn’t purpose built for this kind of work, that’s a straight up fact. Nowadays these toys are engineered from the ground up by what I can imagine to be the best experts in male genitalia to provide an experience like no other. These toys come with customizable amounts of suction, interior textures beyond our wildest imaginations, and a staggeringly soft and plush interior material. It’s really a question of how much time you spend in a week jerking off. If it’s significant enough, then why wouldn’t you invest in a little something to make it all the more special?

That’s the straight dope on why men are deciding to not care about what goes on behind closed doors and get their own sex toy. It’s your body, you get to decide what happens to it. It doesn't reflect on your sexual prowess whatsoever to own a sex toy. It serves a purpose, and these products do it well. Why be ashamed of enjoying yourself? You work hard, you should be able to play hard too.