Rogelio Andaverde must have a really scary wife. Last week, he had the best excuse ever for not being able to hang out with her; the fact that masked men kidnapped him at gunpoint in his own home, so regrettably, he wouldn't be able to stay in and watch "Dancing With The Stars" with her. Yeah, that happened.

At about 10:30PM, he had his friends break into his house while his wife was there, and drag him out of the house violently, at gunpoint. She flipped out and called the police, who fanned out across the neighborhood to look for him. They had no leads and were getting frustrated and worried, when BAM, Rogelio walked right back into his house like nothing had happened. Everyone let out a collective "WTF?"

He told the police and his wife that his kidnappers had "shown him mercy and set him free." Which would have been fine and well, but then he had some kind of attack of conscience and let the truth rip: he'd staged his own kidnapping so he could go party with his friends. He also stated that he was afraid of his wife. So afraid, that the only way he could have left his house to party was to be kidnapped by brutes with guns. Damn. That's a scary wife. Does anyone have a divorce they could give this guy?

He was charged with making a false report, and the police are on the lookout for his friends who committed a fake crime.