Because spending $185,000 worth of stolen cash and jewelry on cat food is better than spending $20 on some Fancy Feast.

Mamoru Demizu, an unemployed Japanese fellow from Izumi, Japan, went on a crime rampage. He stole into the night, lifting cash, jewelry and jewels from local homes; a spree that authorities would estimated amounted to $185,000. But why, Mamoru, why? Why this horrendous legal infraction?

We'll tell you why. He had a lot of kitties to feed.

Not "a lot" like 10 or 15. We mean "a lot" as in 120. This man had 120 feisty felines who were fiending for some grub, and he was not about to drop some nasty Fancy Feast on their asses. No. These were special kitties, and his special kitties deserved a special feast of fresh mackerel and chicken. But being unemployed Mamoru had no other choice than to rob and pilfer to afford the gourmet diet his kitties needed. They worked so hard at being kitties after all; they deserved a treat.

He kept 20 of his kitties in a warehouse that he rented, and regularly fed about 100 strays as well. He told police he'd been playing Lord of the Kitties since 1993, when he started feeding scraps to stray kitties. He continued to feed the cats even after he lost his job in 2011, at first borrowing money, then eventually turning to the dark underworld of crime to support the cats' $244-a-day diet. But police, being police, caught on to his kitty crimes, and busted him.

Mamoru told Izumi police that "he felt happiest when rubbing his cheek against his cats." Hey- we ALL feel happiest when we're rubbing our cheeks against cats, but most of us can suppress the urge to steal in order feed them food that's actually good for them. It's Friskies tonight, tomorrow night, and every night for the rest of our cats' fuzzy little life.