For Martin, it started as a child, when the bullies would yank his underpants so far over his head, he could smell his own skidmarks.

“I was a frequent bullying target because I was short and skinny and nerdy,” Martin tells Rooster Magazine. “They wedgied me to the point of ripping my underwear on many occasions and also hung me by my underwear more than once. I was pretty much terrorized by them, but if I let them wedgie me without fighting back I wouldn’t get beat up.”

As Martin grew older, his traumatic childhood experiences took on a new life. They transformed into a wedgie fetish. Today, wedgies and many other types of schoolyard bullying tactics — from swirlies to face-farting to pantsing — can bring him to orgasm.

And he’s not alone. Lurking beneath the surface of the ever-growing BDSM movement is a subset of fetishists with a sexual infatuation for underwear forcibly jammed between buttcheeks. Martin has amassed a cult following of them.

It’s hard to find quality wedgie content that’s worthy of masturbation. Wedgie fetishists often have to cough up cash for custom-made wedgie porn or commission artists to draw or paint erotic artwork.

But paying for porn is painful, so thousands of wedgie fetishists depend on people like Martin, who curate grade-A wedgie content from Twitter and Instagram accounts. From his Twitter profile, @WedgieVictim, Martin shares endless pictures, GIFs and videos of women having underwear violently jerked up their coochies.

Nothing but wedgie GIFs might seem repetitive, but there’s more variety to this type of content than you’d expect.

“There’s atomic, hanging, frontal, squeaky clean, bra connection, shoulder wedgie, bouncing …” Martin says.

Atomic wedgies are panties pulled over the victim’s head, or stretched so far that they rip completely off. Bouncing wedgies (also known as the kangaroo wedgie) require the wedgie-givers to repeatedly jump, with underwear in hand, so as to repeatedly cram the fabric up the victim’s butt. But the squeaky clean wedgie seems the most tortuous of them all, as the bully will give the victim a normal wedgie, spin them around for a frontal wedgie, and then pull both sides back and forth, as if flossing their asscrack.

Alex* is another wedgie fetishist and Twitter wedgie-content curator, posting from his @WedgieFreak profile. Alex believes that panty pranks are the purest form of BDSM — the ultimate fusion of sex and pain.

“Personally I find wedgies to be the perfect combination of humiliation, domination and pain/bondage,” Alex tells us. “Someone getting hung from their underwear is a massive turn on for me, the awkward pain that they’re helpless to stop unless someone is merciful enough to let them down is amazing.”

RJ* — yet another self-pproclaimed wedgie fetishist — explains that wedgie-lovers often fulfill their fantasies by giving wedgies to themselves. Sometimes, they masturbate with the fabric tugged up their buttcrack. Sometimes, the wedgie itself is enough to cum.

However, RJ joined Instagram and began posting panty-jamming content in hopes of breaking this cycle. He dreams of finding a wedgie mistress, and becoming her wedgie slave.

“A wedgie slave is owned by his mistress and must get wedgies from his mistress,” RJ explains. “Unfortunately, I’ve never met another person with a wedgie fetish in real life. It’s especially hard to find girls that are into wedgies.”

Martin and Alex may have been nervous to open up about their strange fetish, but RJ was desperate to spread the good word about wedgies.

“I want to try and make it sound appealing, for the community to grow,” he says. Only then can he and other panty-pulling kinksters have any hope of fulfilling their biggest dream — returning to those dark days of schoolyard torment, and busting a nut on their bully.