Well, that's one kind of Christmas bonus …

A work holiday party is often a nice way for coworkers to loosen up with one another. As one drink turns into another, the subtle sexual tensions between cubicle mates is more likely to come to the surface. With the booze aplenty and the mistletoe overhead, it’s really no surprise that a new study finds the vast majority of us have hooked-up at the company Christmas party.

Research by Ann Summers finds that 39 percent of people surveyed admit to having sex at the office holiday party. The top five most popular places for the scandalous workplace rendezvous are (in order) the parking lot, the boardroom, the storage room, the boss’s office and at their own desk.

The parking lot seems like the obvious choice for those looking to keep things under wraps, whereas the boardroom and boss’s office get the Rooster nomination for decadence.

Some vocations were substantially more prone than others to submit to their carnal desires. Legal, IT and HR personnel where most likely to of all to get it on after a few spiked eggnogs at the holiday get together, with nearly three-quarters of those surveyed admitting to doing so.

Sectors most likely to hook-up:

IT (76%)
Legal (74%)
HR (72%)
Transport and logistics (72%)
Finance (71%)
Media and marketing (68%)
Sales (67%)
Business administration (57%)
Health (52%)
Education (45%)

Individuals in senior managerial roles were found to most likely bone at the party, with 65 percent claiming to have had done so, compared to only 26 percent of junior level employees.

But it’s not all tits and dongs flailing about: more than half of those surveyed admitted to partaking in a little innocent make out sesh. Don’t worry though, as with any worthwhile juicy report, our bad behavior has been justified in advance.

A spokesperson for the study explains: "You spend so much time with your colleagues at work that it’s easy to fall for them, so the Christmas party is the perfect time to get rid of that sexual tension.”

Let’s not get too carried away at the office party this year. While thronging the new girl or giving the IT guy a preemptive handy before making your way to the copy room may seem like a solid idea after a few Michelob Ultras, odds are the awkward day-to-day that follows may not be worth it …

Or maybe it will be. Who knows?

When life gives you a sensible seasonal workplace potluck, fuck something…