How is this real? Well, MSNBC is officially taking a nose-dive into a pile of horse manure on this one. First off, let's talk about Chris Hayes. The dude looks like he came out of Rachel Maddow's vagina after she was artificially inseminated by a weasel. Chris Hayes was THAT kid in college. You know. The kid who tried to be smart by over-zealously raising his hand, only to ask the dumbest question in the fucking world. Yup, Chris Hayes is that kid. Since when does tipping over a few port-o-potties constitute a riot? That must be that lamest riot in the history of riots. Do you know the only thing worse than an idiot who thinks he's clever? Two idiots who think they're clever. Enter Cord Jefferson.

We had nothing against bloggers until we learned this guy was the editor of Gawker. Holy fuck, if this isn't a satire piece to drum up headlines, then please, please revoke all press passes to bloggers. We're not worthy. Are we missing something? Last time we checked, writing a laundry list of,  "Things I don't like about _______ culture," doesn't promote race or ethnic relations. It does the opposite. We don't care if Cord Jefferson is Larry Bird white, it doesn't matter. It's like saying, "I'm 1/4 Jewish. That's why I wrote an essay on how Jews steal your money, suck at sports, and inhale too much oxygen through their big noses. But, I love Jews. In fact, Schindler's List is my favorite movie." We're still expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out at the end of the clip and be like, "You just got Punked son!" Nope, just MSNBC at it's finest.