Everyone appreciates a solid joke about the Oscars and it's nominees. But sometimes, jokes can go too far and cross multiple lines and boundaries – such are the dangers of drinking and social networking. So was the case when The Onion's live twitter feed called the 9 year-old Beast of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhane Wallis a cunt during the show. The tweet has since been pulled down and we're assuming someone's Monday morning didn't go so smooth.

We've been known to call people the C-word from time to time, but a 9 year-old little girl? For Christ's sake the little girl carried a puppy purse to the Oscars. A puppy purse!  

The Onion's CEO, Steve Hannah, apologized for the remark and said the company was instituting tougher twitter and facebook standards. The site later went on to repost the picture of the airplane emblazened with the Target logo flying into the world trade building.