"If I have to hear 'Hello' again, I may weep."

We know, it’s extremely hard to make it into the venue for an opening act, especially when it’s Red Rocks and you’ve got an entire handle of Fireball to explore beforehand. You may want to rethink your pregame when the Galactic & Boombox show comes July 14, however, because the Pimps of Joytime plan on funking up the place real nice like. Frontman Brian J and his crew of soul-givers deliver the type of emotional chord that won’t leave a stale body in the place. You’ve been warned.

1. Who in the band always takes the last slice of pizza?
Three-way tie between John, Mayteanna and Brian … unless it’s vegan pizza, then Dave gets dibs.

2. Three things you plan to do at Red Rocks:

  1. Take in that view!
  2. Brag all over social media that we’re playing Red Rocks.
  3. Crush the show.

3. Adele, do you weep like a child when you hear her songs?
If I have to hear 'Hello' again, I may weep.

4. Should toilet paper go over the roll or under?
As long as it’s there, we're good.

5. Favorite type of bear?
Bell’s Amber Ale. Oh I thought you said ‘beer.‘

6. Movie quote that always gets stuck in your head?
‘Roads? Where we're going we don't need … roads.’ – Doc Brown, Back To the Future.

7. 5 songs you’re listening to the most right now:
“Sitting Here In Limbo” – The Neville Brothers
“Woman’s Gotta Have It” – by Bobby Womack
“Grown Folks” – Snarky Puppy
“Kare Nanhasi” – Hallelujah Chicken Run Band
“I Feel For You” – Prince

8. Any beauty tips?
To quote @tourganic: ‘Good health is beautiful.’ If that fails … coconut oil!

9. Heads or tails?
That’s what she said.

10. SPOILER ALERT: Did Han Solo deserve to die?
Yes, because that was not a smart move, Solo! Poor Chewy …

Galactic & Boombox w/ Pimps of Joytime // @ Red Rocks Amphitheater — Thursday, July 14