Another day, another dollar. Just as long as you follow the 10 pimp bylaws organized by master pimp Steve McDaniels and his accomplice, Sandra Russell. New York police released the bylaws after seizing them while raiding McDaniel's house on Long Island. The 29-year-old McDaniel obviously suffers from an education deficit that comes across loud and clear with the arrant misspellings and lack of subject-verb agreements. Either way, we think McDaniel did a fine job in covering all the bases to big pimpin'.

Without further adieu, we present to you the "Rules 2 Da Game of Hoez"

District Attorney Thomas Spota told the Smoking Gun:

"Defendant Russell was a master manipulator of these young women who, in exchange for their prostitution services, she provided housing, clothing, food, cell phones and what they needed most – heroin."

The instructions were given to Russell from McDaniel and used as a mandate for the business. What can we say? Pimping ain't easy.